ESE Supply List

Supply List- Pre-K

Change of clothes
Diapers and wipes if needed
Box of crayons
Skinny Markers
Box of Kleenex
Box of plastic straws
Small sandwich bags
Large sandwich bags
Large white paper plates


2023-2024 Mrs. Arce Classroom

1 Backpack
One 1 ½” heavy-duty binder with a clear cover
2 red spiral or composition notebooks (70 sheets)
2 green spiral or composition notebooks (70 sheets)
2 blue spiral or composition notebooks (70 sheets)
2 yellow spiral or composition notebooks (70 sheets)
5 pocket folders
1 Pencil box or pouch
4 containers or packs of baby wipes to use daily
2 packs of tissue paper
2 packs of straws 4 packs of glue stick
1 pack of crayons
4 expo dry erase markers
1 pair of headphones (for computer purposes) (student needs headphones)
2 or more extra clothes to keep at school. (underwear, pants, t-shirt, socks)
1 extra clothes to keep always in the backpack (underwear, pants, t-shirt, socks) 1 box of gallon-sized Ziplock baggies
1 box of small ziplock baggies
1 Clorox wipes

**Students that use diapers, please provide daily basis diapers and wipes or send 1 pack of diapers with wipes to cover the week.

**Students that use formula, please provide for the week.

**OPTIONAL: ** Our school provides breakfast and lunch every day in the cafeteria. We give “snack time” in between; if you like to send a snack for your kids and water, please send in their lunch box.