First Grade

First Grade Supply List 2021 - 2022

Please bring all of your supplies to Meet Your Teacher


  • Backpack – no wheels
  • Personal headphones (to use with computers – no ear buds please)
  • 1 pencil box (8 x 5 x 2.5 inches)
  • 2 primary journals - pages should have a blank space at the top half of each page, and writing lines on the bottom half of each page.



    We have requested a specific brand for the following supplies because they work better and last longer. Specifically we have found quality issues with Rose Art brand products and would appreciate you avoiding this brand.


    • 2 boxes of CRAYOLA crayons - 24 count
    • 1 package EXPO dry erase markers – BLACK ink only
    • 1 pair FISKAR blunt tip scissors
    • 1 set of CRAYOLA watercolor paints (8 colors only)
    • 1 package of pre-sharpened yellow Ticonderoga wooden #2 pencils
    • 1 box of tissues
    • 1 container of CLOROX wipes
    • boys - 1 box of snack size ziploc bags
    • girls - 1 box of gallon size ziploc bags


Wish List (optional)

bottle of white or clear Elmer’s liquid glue, large white paper plates, small white paper plates, aluminum foil, cotton balls, foam shaving cream, play-doh, dry erase- board cleaning fluid, 3 oz. bathroom cups, dry erase markers for teacher white boards, 1 ream bright color cardstock paper