Third Grade


Third Grade Supply List

              Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Castro, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Powell

Please purchase a pencil case big enough to hold all of the following: pencils, scissors, erasers, highlighters, dry erase markers, (just two of these) crayons as we will NOT share resources amongst students this year for safety reasons.  Also, please help us by opening all of your child’s belongings and placing them in the pencil box at home.

Thank you so much!!!!  J

Students should have:

*a reliable set of headphones or earbuds

* 24 pencils

* box of crayons 16 or 24 only, ~OR~ 12 or 16 pack of colored pencils (student choice)

*2 pink gum erasers

*two highlighters (one of which should be yellow)

*one pair of scissors

*2 packs of dry eraser markers (sets of 4 /place 2 markers in the box and hand in rest to teacher)

*2 blue spiral-bound notebooks AND 2 red spiral-bound notebooks

*2 blue folders w/ pockets & prongs & 2 red folders w/ pockets no prongs (laminated lasts longer)

*1 or 2 canisters of bleach wipes  (if available)

*1 large container of hand sanitizer   (if available)

*1 or 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues  and 1 can of Lysol spray (if available)

*1 box gallon-sized  Ziploc storage bags AND 1 box of quart-sized Ziploc storage bag